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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why "Standardstrax"?
    There is currently a gap in the market for jazz and swing backing tracks & classic obscure songs for singers who are looking for something different. Why be like everybody else, singing the same songs with the same arrangements? I provide new, fresh arrangements of wonderful songs - not cover versions - which are easy to follow yet maintain a freshness and originality unheard of for the asking price! I arrange and record every track myself - I don't buy and use tracks from anybody else and I certainly don't use Karaoke tracks. I'm a full time musician and, while I don't claim to have the best tracks in the world, I love doing what I do and I hope it comes across through my tracks.
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  2. How do I order?
    Simply download or listen the demo of the track/s you are looking for,with each mp3 demo playing for around 1 minute, and if you like the track go to the "ORDER HERE" page. If you'd like the tracks on CD (including postage costs) click on the CD option link and add to the shopping cart. Once you've chosen your song/s, click on "ADD TO CART" and follow the instructions. You can either continue "shopping" or go to the fully secure checkout. Once your order payment is processed and confirmed you will be able to download your chosen track/s via the online confirmation invoice or via the Standardstrax email confirmation. All CD orders are posted first class (UK) and Airmail (Europe/US/Other) within 24 hours. ALL THE SONG FORMATS CONTAINING FULL DETAILS OF THE SONG STRUCTURE ARE NOW ONLINE via the sections on the Order Page - i.e . how long the intro is, whether the chorus repeats, where the solo begins (if there is one), if there is a key change, etc, to make things as easy to follow as possible. The Song Search box is the quickest way to find a certain song; and you then choose to search in a category of your choice - MALE, FEMALE, JAZZVILLE, Gigsville Male, Gigsville Female,etc.
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  3. Can I make a request?
    Sure! If your looking for a certain song and can't find it any where; email your wish list and I'll try my best to have it online If i think it is a viable track for me to sell. The style and arrangement will be at my own discretion. If your looking for a particular arrangement of a song then a full CUSTOM sevice is available at very competitive prices. Ask for a quote.
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  4. What are the formats available?
    You can either download the desired track by paying online and downloading the track via the download link and you can also have the track/s posted to you in professional CD format. For the small additional fee required, and including postage costs, this option is unbeatable. All CD Orders are dispatched within 24 hours of receiving your order. MP3 format is currently the most user friendly way of buying tracks online. It is not the "professional" choice by any means but it still offers superb quality. If you order on audio CD you get my original master file burned to audio and not simply a compressed mp3 file burned to audio CD.
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  5. How are the tracks recorded?
    My tracks are recorded in my home studio via MIDI and also the older tracks were recorded LIVE direct to audio drive - Livetraks. Please have a look at some of my Videos in my ABOUT page to checkout exactly what I do and my level of playing ability. What you hear is a live sound, totally spontaneous arrangements, fresh and sympathetic to a singers needs. The keyboards used are of superb quality using custom sounds specially adapted for this kind of music. The midi selections have been recorded using the very best VST instrument plug-ins yet still retaining that live sound and feel.
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  6. Why can't I listen / download the demos?
    The website is optimised for all major browsers and in most cases the demos should either automatically download or play once the demo is clicked. Everything depends on how your browser and Internet media settings are configured. Please note that every demo is fully downloadable and should play in every browser.
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  7. How often will the list be updated?
    New songs will be added when I can..
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  8. Are the songs legally licensed?
    All my tracks are licensed in the UK via MCPS - PRS.
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  9. Do lyrics come with the tracks?
    No sorry! It is incredibly easy to find lyrics online and your best option for finding lyrics is to do a search on like this example - "all of me" + lyrics
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  10. Are the tracks available as midi files?
    No, sorry. Midi files are just to easy to edit and remove any individuality that a musician has added - even reselling the product - it does happen a lot. I know the work that goes into producing my tracks and I'm sorry to say that most people generally havn't a clue what is involved.
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  11. I don't know most of the songs - who sang them?
    Every Standardstrax song is a standard. Standards are timeless songs that every major singer of any era has recorded at one time or another. There are so many different versions of a certain standard - a singer might do the same "ballad" ; for example ; as a mid tempo swinger. Standards are the back bone of the musical society we live in.
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  12. What does "vocal range - A to C " mean?
    The range of the song from lowest note to highest note.
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  13. I made a request and it's still not online?
    I'm a busy guy and keeping up with requests is pretty hard. All I can say is to keep checking the site. I do try my best to have requests, that i think weill be sellable, online asap. You can enquire about the custom track option if it's a track you really need.
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  14. Do you change the key?
    I can offer an editing fee but it depends on the track in question. If it's recorded via midi then yes; if it's recorded live direct to audio then no and a pitch change can be offered for free because the end result can be sketchy, depending on the type of track it is and the track content. Email me to check....
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  15. Do any of the tracks fade?
    Every track has a professional ending - no fades at all!
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  16. Do you any of the tracks have Backing Vocals?
    As a rule I don't provide backing vocals with my tracks because I've found that very few professional acts and professional singers want tracks with backing vocals. If you're browsing my website then you're looking for something different right, to give you and your act a bit of individuality and something fresh as a selling point. There are a very few tracks with backing vocals and if they do have them then it will be stated in the song description.
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  17. What is the difference between the main FEMALE and MALE sections and the GIGSVILLE FEMALE and MALE sections?
    I get ask "what is the difference between the main FEMALE and MALE sections and the GIGSVILLE FEMALE and MALE sections?" The Standardstrax Female and Male sections are purely for arrangements that are swing, big band, bossa and latin orientated, funky and groove based and includes typical standards and well known songs plus fairly modern and current tunes but arranged in a jazz or swing style - ie fresh versions not normally associated with the tune in question. The Gigsville sections are soul, R and B, pop, rock and easy listening MOR based with tunes arranged in that style and maybe some cover versions, based on the original arrangements included. You won't find any swing or jazz in those sections. The Male and Female standard sections may have some recent pop and soul tunes but they will be arranged in a jazz style, maybe a trio arrangement or a latin arrangement.
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  18. Do you do Custom production?
    I do custom work all the time, and the price will depend on the work involved. Some websites charge based on the running time of the song. Seems a bit mad to me! It could be the most musically involved 2 minutes of hell or 5 mins of 3 chord blandness. If it's a similar version of an arrangement then be prepared to pay a lot for it. If it's a track based on my own arrangement but to your specification - ie in your key, chosen instrumentation, feel, tempo, etc then these start at £40 (GB pounds sterling). Email for a price....
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  19. SUPPORT - The purchased track will not download!
    All download links are now in zip file format and you need to have an unzip program installed to be able to "unzip" the mp3 from the zip file. Here are a few options available and they are totally free - search for them online: STUFFIT for MAC STUFFIT for Windows THE UNARCHIVER JZIP ZIPPER for Windows Most computers now have at least one unzip program installed. This will avoid the need to have the knowledge to download - simply click on the track download link and unzip the mp3 once the download is completed.
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  20. SUPPORT - When I click on the download link nothing happens!
    It could be a broken link. All the links were checked when adding the instant download sections but I'm only human! Email me and I'll get the new link to you asap.
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  21. SUPPORT - The track downloaded fine but I can't find it on my hard drive?
    Everything depends on how your browser is configured re downloading and mp3's. Do a search for the most recent downloads and you should find it there. No problem to email your track/s to you either as an attachment or a download link.
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  22. SUPPORT - I can't listen to the demos now - I used to be able to??
    Have you upgraded anything recently - the operating system, the browser, any media players? Everything depends on how your Browser Media configurations are set up. I suggest simply trying another browser to access the demos.
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