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Jazzville: Demo Backing Tracks for Musicians
Demo Backing Tracks for Musicians

We have an exquisite selection of demo backing tracks for musicians! The JAZZVILLE section is specially created backing tracks for musicians, this section will focus on Jazz standards but with a fresh and funky groove based take! Fresh backing track arrangements with mainly REAL BOOK changes and a few tasty ones by your truly.

There is plenty of room to solo over and not simply looped forms or rehearsal tracks. All of the backing tracks for musicians are fully arranged with builds, pushes, breaks downs, tasty endings with great sounds and high spec mp3’s, perfect backing tracks for musicians. 

If you would like to purchase a backing track, simply click on one of the tracks and listen to a short demo. Once you have found the one you’re looking for, make a note of the reference number then visit the order page and to get your musician backing track.

key - Bb playing time - 6:42
The gorgeous Thad Jones classic in a superbly fresh arrangement ;with a dreamy electric piano open intro then into the head.
As per Real Book version with a few chord alternatives.

key - Bb playing time - 4:05
The Charlie Parker classic in an uber cool half time smooth groove!
Once round the head then solos. Dead stop at the end of the head.

key - Dm playing time - 3:23
Fab and funky take on the classic jazz gem. Once thru head then solos.
Nice extended ending!

key - C (I would have said Dm!) playing time - 4:17
Gorgeous reworking of this hugely influential Miles tune. Funky groove keeps the smoothness going enough to cook!
Real Book version.

key - F playing time 5:09
Sticks close to the classic original feel with the pushes in all the right places!
Real Book changes.

key - F playing time - 3:30
Fab and funky arrangement of the Monk gem!
Twice thru the head then solos ; with some cool alternative chord changes!

key - F playing time - 7:26
Stunning Bill Evans tune in a really smooth and cool arrangement.

key - F - playing time - 4:56
Fabulously funky new take on the Charlie Parker blues. Cool head with pushes in the right places ; cool chord changes ; fab funky bass line and a break down letting the soloing groove you into bad health!

key - C (G)- playing time - 5:36
Hugely influential Miles Davis gem ; in a fabulously fresh smooth groove arrangement with some tasty surprises lurking!

key - Eb - playing time - 4:30
Mega-cool groove for this fab Miles Davis gem ; with some cool chord changes added.

key - F - Real Book changes. Playing time - 3:20
Great blues based gem from Charlie Parker - not too fast and not too slow! Grooves long nicely!

key - Ab - Real Book changes - playing time - 3:39
Super-funky and fresh arrangement of this influential classic from Sonny Rollins. Played by Every major jazz figure.

key - Ab - Real Book changes - playing time - 3:54
Wonderful gem from Jimmy Giuffre ; and a huge hit way back for Woody Herman's band. Swinging and happy arrangement.

key - C to Db - range - G to Bb
Popular jazz vocal favourite.
Same version as F559 except the vibes and solo has been removed to provide soloing space.

key - Bb playing time - 4:45
Hammond trio and a cool shuffle groove make this quirky blues move.
Loads of soloing space..

key Cm - range - C to F - playing time 3:44
Bright arrangement (220 bpm) of this old standard - loads of room to solo and it breaks done to drums and bass as well.

key Em - playing time - 4:25
Classic standard with a few tasty changes included!

key - Eb to E 4:04
Very classy arrangement with cool changes and loads of soloing space and a key change for the last 8 bars at the last time thru.

key Bb - playing time - 5:44
very cool arrangement ; a few 4 over 3 feels; nice substitutions added and loads of soloing space!

key Bb - playing time - 4:31
Fresh swing version of this popular jazz gem.

key - C - range - C to G
Pretty safe version of this trad jazz classic with loads of room to solo over.
The fresh feel of the arrangement goes into a swing and then back to the opening feel to finish.

key - Eb - Warren Hill cover
Cool smooth jazz song; based on the Warren Hill "LOVE SONGS" album version.

J23. MY FUNNY VALENTINE smooth demo1 - Based on the Warren Hill smooth version from his album "LOVE SONGS".
MY FUNNY VALENTINE smooth demo2 - once the track fully kicks in this is the feel and groove.

key - F Instrumental
KENNY G instrumental that scored a massive wordwide album hit.

key - F - playing time  - 5:00
Moody and cool arrangement of the classic Mancini tune with loads of soloing space..

key - Abm - extended version of F681 CLOSE YOUR EYES.
This is the full TRIO version; with lots of soloing space for musicians.

KEY - Dm - playing time - 4:25
Great jazz classic in an uber-funky groove! Lots of space to solo and keeps mainly to the Real Book changes with a few alternates thrown in!

key - F - playing time 4:19
Cool mid swing arrangement of the jazz standard. Makes a change from the Bossa feel normally associated.

key - Eb - playing time - 4:03
New Jazzville version of this great old tune.
Great latin and half time funk feel combined with some tasty changes thrown in and a break down section as well!

key - Am - playing time - 2:59
Wonderful latin favourite ; a huge hit for Hammond organist Ethel Smith back in the 40's; covered by loads of great players - love Paquito D'Rivera's version from his WHY NOT album!

key - C - Real Book changes - playing time - 4:15
Great trio groove for this old standard. Sticks closely to the Real Book changes.

key - F - Real Book changes - playing time - 6:23
Half time grooviness on this Real Book based version.

key - A - Real Book changes - playing time - 5:24
Wonderful Jobim bossa arrangement.

key - D - Real Book changes - playing time - 4:52
Wonderful song that scored a massive hit for Al Jarreau.
Superb trio arrangement!

key - Eb - Real Book changes - playing time - 6:04
Wonderful trio ballad version of this classy standard.

key - Eb - Real Book changes - playing time - 4:44
Super cool funky trio arrangement.

key Fm - Real Book changes - playing time - 5:39
Wonderful and fresh trio take on this Horace Silver classic!
Great feel as it builds and a cool breakdown before the last head.

key - Eb - Real Book changes - range - E to G
Cool and funky trio groove for this classic jazz standard.

key - Am - based on the Real Book version; with a few subs thrown in!
The classic Joe Henderson bossa in a cool groove with percussion added.

key - Ab - range - B to Gb
Wonderful new trio version of the Ellington gem - would suit musician or male vocal (with the range!) providing the main theme then soloist. Based on the Real Book version with a few subs thrown in.

key - G - playing time - 3:31
Cool arrangement of this Ellington classic; as a trio shuffle. Includes a harmony piano line 2nd time thru the head and outro.

key - Cm - playing time - 4:24
This great SWINGING Hammond and drums arrangement gives you loads and loads of soloing space; with a smattering of cool and fresh changes to test your ears!

key - Dm - playing time - 5:29
Very cool swing arrangement of the classic Dizzy Gillespie gem.

key - Bb - playing time - 5:22
Swing arrangement of the popular jazz standard.

Key - Bb - playing time - 4:32
Cool latin arrangement of the jazz standard.

key - Eb - playing time - 5:02 - vocal range - Eb to E
Great song; suitable for both a vocalist and musicians alike. Extended soloing space provided.

key - C - playing time - 4:27
Cool; half time groove arrangement of the classic Charlie Parker tune.

key - Db to Eb - playing time 5:37
Cover version of the smooth guitarist Norman Brown's arrangement of the Luther Vandross hit. From the 1994 album After The Storm.
Check the song out on YouTube....

key - D - playing time - 4:21
Great trio arrangement of this gem so associated with Benny Goodman. Lots of soloing space and a cool swing tempo.

key - C - playing time - 5:58
Fresh and swinging TRIO arrangement of the great old jazz classic.

key - F - playing time - 6:30
Mid tempo TRIO arrangement of this great song composed by Harold Arlen, with lyrics by Ted Koehler.

key - F - playing time - 5:39
Popular jazz standard in a cool TRIO arrangement, with lots of soloing space and a nice bass breakdown section.

key - F - playing time - 5:46
Lovely mid tempo TRIO arrangement of the cool standard.

key - G - playing time - 7:24
Very lovely TRIO arrangement of the hugely popular jazz classic.

key - F - playing time - 6:38
Mid tempo arrangement of the old Fats Waller tune.

key - Eb - playing time - 6:31
Great mid tempo TRIO arrangement of this wonderful old tune.

key - Eb - playing time - 6:52
Swinging TRIO arrangement of this evergreen standard.

key - Bb - playing time - 5:13
Cool and swinging TRIO arrangement of this jazz standard.

key - F - (vocal range - C to D) - playing time 6:05
Really lovely Quartet - trio plus Hammond organ - ballad arrangement, loosely based on the classic Ben Webster,Coleman Hawkins and Oscar Peterson 1957 album version. Can also be used as a vocal with an extra chorus for a musician to solo over..
Also available with the organ removed - search for J59 NO SOLO..

key - Bb - vocal range  - (optional A) B to E
The classic Toots Thielmans jazz classic.
This version is really geared for musicians to solo over but it can also be used as a vocal first time then soloing and back to the vocal, etc.
It's a pretty cool "smooth" arrangement with a cool groove and extended soloing space.

key - C - range - D to E
A fresh feel to this "smooth" arrangement of the classic standard - nice sounds and a cool groove!

key - G - range - C to D
"Smooth" arrangement of the jazz classic, slightly reggae in feel with a half time groove. Three times thru in total.

key - C - range - D to E
Another fresh arrangement of the classic standard, smooth grooves and cool changes.

key - Dm - (vocal) range D to F
Great song that scored a hit for George Benson amongst others..
Can be used as a vocal, then lots of soloing space for either a frontline instrument, or simply as an instrumental.
Very cool arrangement, using a mash-up of different versions I've heard.
This is the groove and feel for soloing once the track kicks in.
Click on Demo 2 below:

key - C - vocal range - E to F
Smooth grooves for this old standard, 3 times thru!

key - Eb -  vocal range - C to C
Laidback Smooth arrangement of the Rodgers and Hart classic, 3 times thru!

key - Bb - vocal range - D to G (big range!)
Fresh "vocalese only" - aka Take 6 - arrangement in a smooth groove! Twice thru the full song.

key - G - vocal range - C to D
Similar tempo to J62 but in a straight feel and no reggae vamp.. Three times thru..

key - F - vocal range - Bb to F
Harder edge to this funky smooth arrangement of the Cole Porter classic.....3 times thru.

key - F (Dm) - range - C to G
There's a funky groove to this Smooth arrangement of the Duke Ellington classic. Three times thru...

key - C - range - G to D
"Vocalese" arrangement, in a smooth groove, of the old Ellington standard. Three times thru..

key - Eb - range - Bb to Eb
A funky smooth arrangement of the old Doris Day hit, with half time swing grooves in a vocalese "Take 6" arrangement, 3 times thru.

key - Eb - range - Bb to F
Very lovely smooth arrangement of the old standard, laidback coolness, 3 times thru.

key - Db - original key.
Based on the track from the David "Fathead" Newman album "THE HOUSE OF DAVID".
Similar in instrumentation - Hammond, Guitar and Drums (plus sax on top) and similar in tempos, feel, etc.

key - F to Ab - range - A to Db
Lovely Quartet ballad arrangement, based on a live concert version by Gianni Sanjust, same key and key change included.

key - Ab playing time - 3:11
A standard Quartet arrangement of this old jazz classic.

key - Bb playing time - 3:20
Very bright Quartet arrangement of this old standard, synonymous with Benny Goodman.

key - Cm playing time - 2:44
2 Demos to let you check out the 1st tempo and then the 2nd - mid tempo swing to very bright swing. Quartet arrangement.

DARK EYES demo 2

key - Bb - playing time - 4:17
Lovely Quartet arrangement of this great old classic in a nice easy tempo.

key - Cm - playing time - 3:40
Great Quartet arrangement of this Irving Berlin tune.

key - Gm - playing time - 4:10
Great Quartet arrangement of this early old gem, covered by Sidney Bechet and lots of great musos and singers.

key - Bm - vocal range - F# to B (suit female range) - playing time - 7:32
One of my favourite Bossa's.... beautiful melody and marvellous structure. This is a brighter Bossa version with some lovely percussion and some lovely chord substitutions used. Well worth finding the lyrics - English lyrics are available as well but it has a huge vocal range.

key - Bm - vocal range - F# to B (suit female range) - playing time - 6:16
Here is a different arrangement to version 1 - this arrangement is a lovely Bossa ballad version, half time in feel.

key - Bb - vocal range - F to A - playing time - 3:32
Mid tempo mainstream Quartet arrangement of this evergreen old standard.

key - G - playing time - 4:52
Great Horace Silver tune.
Very cool, mid tempo trio arrangement with a funky groove for the main head!

key - C - vocal range - C to F - playing time - 4:48
Lightly swinging trio arrangement of this old classic standard.

key - Bb - playing time 5:11
Very lovely TRIO arrangement of this great old standard.

key - Ab - range - F to G
This version is very loosely based on the jazz singer and vocalese master Eddie Jefferson's version. There are many versions by him and here is the youtube link for the specific version -
The 2nd demo lets you check out the double tempo feel as the track builds - DEMO 2 CLICK HERE
Same key, double tempo chorus and similar length. Can also be used purely as an instrumental or vocal and soloing.

key - F - range - A to F (optonal A)
Here's a cool arrangement, loosely based on the classic Lambert Hendricks and Ross song in the original key and same form. John Hendricks provides the lead vocal.

key - C - range - E to C (optional E)
Same arrangement as J89 but in a lower key.

key - C- range - G to G
Another vocalese gem from Eddie Jefferson, original key and form but a TRIO only arrangement.

key - F - range - Bb to D
Great Horace Silver tune. This TRIO version is loosely based on the Eddie Jefferson vocalese version with ample room for soloing as well!
Youtube link:

key - F - original key and form
The wonderful Lambert Hendricks and Ross song , with Jon Hendricks providing the main vocal.

key - C - original key
Mose Allison gem, great piano player and quirky, blues based vocals combined to make a great fresh sound in 1962.
Here's a TRIO arrangement with added soloing space.

key - F - orginal key
Mose Allison gem, same key and tempo, TRIO arrangement plus extended soloing space.

key - Bb - original key
Mose Allison gem, TRIO arrangement with extended soloing space.

key - Bb - original key
Another Mose Allison gem, in a TRIO arrangement, with extended soloing space provided.

key - Ab - original key
Mose Allison gem, TRIO arrangement with a double chorus to solo on from the start and then the vocal in at 43 secs, with extended soloing as well.

key - Dm - playing time - 4:20
Very cool TRIO arrangement of the Mile Davis classic! Builds nicely for soloing.
Check out J100 for the same track but in the same key as Eddie Jefferson, the vocalese master. Perfect for a vocal and soloing space as well.

key - Cm -
Same version as J99 but in the Eddie Jefferson key, making it suitable for a vocal, scat plus soloing as well!

key - Ab - original key
Cool TRIO arrangement of the Mose Allison tune, with extended soloing space provided.

key - C - range - Eb to D
Jazzville TRIO arrangement of the classic Lambert Hendricks and Ross song, in the original key, with extended soloing space provided.

key - Bb
TRIO arrangement of the Lambert Hendricks and Ross version of this classic Ellington tune, with lyrics by Frankie Laine. Extended soloing provided.

key - Eb -
Mose Allison gem, in a trio arrangement and original key with extended soloing space provided. Also covered by Curtis Stigers and Buddy Guy.

key - Gm - playing time - 3:06
Lovely TRIO ballad version of this popular 60's gem. This version is loosely based on the form of Acker Bilk's '63 hit.

key - Gm - playing time - 2:42
Very cool guitar based quartet arrangement of the popular Sidney Bechet tune, that scored a UK hit for Chris Barber.

key - Eb - vocal range - B to Eb playing time - 4:52
For the more adventurous! Cool 5/4 time arrangement of the old standard. Works great and suitable for a vocal thru first time, once you get the time signature and groove in your head. I've kept the drums and bass fairly safe but there are a few subs and passing chords added, as the track builds, so it's more suitable for frontline instruments rather than guitarists playing chords, etc

key - Bb - playing time - 4:49
Loosely based on the same form and tempo as the Jan Morks version of this Lil Hardin Armstrong composition.
The Jan Morks key is A. Quartet arrangement.

key - Bb - playing time - 4:24
Great tune from the John Jorgenson Quintet album "Ultraspontane". Similar arrangement and feel, and perfect for a lead instrument.

key - Bb - playing time - 3:20
Based on the Dutch Swing College Band version, with an intro added.

key - C - playing time - 6:00
Based on the David Sandborn version from his album "Timeagain". Check out the original on youtube....

key - Gm - playing time - 4:46
Here's a very cool tune from John Jorgenson, on his album "One Stolen Night". Checkout the Quintet on youtube....

key - Dm - playing time - 3:40
Wonderful tune from The Dutch Swing College Band and well worth learning!

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